Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello, All.

well, it's been a while.

new house.
new job for the hubby.
new baby for my other blogger half (well, baby's still cooking, anyway!).

I must say, i've never realized that summer in Michigan is so much better than summer in other places. this summer i have already picked cherries, blueberries (x3!), strawberries, raspberries, and hopefully soon, peaches and apples. if you can count picking tomatoes off my plants in the side yard, then count that too. have also picked out curtains, floors, paint colors, furniture, and blinds. whew. my bank account hurts just thinking about it!

i do love having a house! don't love trimming the bushes, but i'll take the good with the bad.

crazy how much has changed since we took this picture back in march. i'll show more later of befores and afters.

on another note, today is August 16, 2 years since Nate's cousin, Nick Roush, died in Afghanistan fighting to keep our freedom. I hardly knew Nick, but i think about him all the time. strange how you can miss someone that you never really knew. songs come on the radio and i still cry my eyes out.
Thanks Nick, for all you did for our country, and serving with a willing heart. and i am thanking God that you are in heaven. what a blessing.

nick, you will always be in our hearts.

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