Thursday, August 18, 2011

running is good for the soul...

as my sister and i were on our usual run tonight, i said "i'm going to blog about this."

we shouldn't have gone. it was late, and dark, which is not unusual for us. we run when we can, and usually it's after 9pm. in june, it's not a problem. august, however, not so easy.
so we brought a flashlight, and even changed the batteries.
it didn't work. fell apart while we were running (hmmm, bond??)
then we ran into the neighborhood skunk. "stopstopstopstop!" -whispered/shouted.
whew, stinky crisis averted.
aftter a change of course, we ran down another street, thinking we bypassed the skunk.
we did.
but we didn't sneak past the PIT BULL that WASN'T on a leash.
really, people?
suz had a panic attack. i held onto macy and tried to stand very. still.
we walked away, calmly.
suz still panicking. my dog still trying to get away. pit bull sniffing and growling and wagging his tail.
duh. wagging his tail. at least he didn't seem like he was going to take a chunk out of my leg. a lady walks outside after hearing the barking, and he runs across the street back to her.
sorry to be the politeness police, but you can't even say SORRY?! after your unleashed, scary, super strong dog comes barking and growling after us in the middle of the night?
(really, i'm over it...).
what should have been 4 miles only turned into... about half a mile.

we folded laundry instead.

when i got home, macy ate my new underwear while i was in the shower.

well, the good news is that my sister-in-law found out she's having a boy! plus, i don't have to work tomorrow (garage sales, anyone??).
i'm also thinking seriously about trying to convince nate to go to the greenville danish festival this weekend.

i know, action packed.

nate and i with macy, underwear culprit extraordinaire.

happy weekend!

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