Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well I would walk 500 miles...

Today holds a few milestones for me...

#1: Our four year anniversary today! I'm not really sure where the time has gone, but it's been more good times than bad! Thankful to the Lord for his goodness... and a great husband! We both agree that our wedding doesn't feel like it was "just yesterday" anymore... but we're not sure when it stopped feeling that way! Guess we're getting old.

thanks to my honey for the flowers

#2: I painted my toenails... and not in pink! I can honestly say this is the first time ever that i have not had pink or french tipped toenails.
Can anyone say 16?
I was never into nail polish in high school, and somehow I'm 10 years late.
oh well. when you see this color, you'll love it too. Happy like a school girl, I am.

called Mint Sorbet. love love.

#3: I made homemade noodles for the first time. One of the very first meals I ever had with my husband's family was chicken+noodles, complete with homemade noodles. He said to me "this is like, my favorite meal ever". And i haven't forgotten, just been putting it off. Homemade noodles are were slightly intimidating. Not anymore! (in my brain i am wearing a cape standing on a mound with my fist in the air). Thank you flour, egg and milk for becoming something delicious.

sitting over our bowls of homemade noodles + chicken (thanks, Linda!), we decided our favorite memories in the past years since we got married.
   2008: (aside from getting married) Watching the Olympics in our tiny little apartment on our tiny little      t.v. that got a total of 2 stations. The Olympics are the exception to my not watching tv in the summer. There is just something about them. Those were good days.

   2009: Our first anniversary trip to St. Louis. Very last minute, very fun.
At the top of the St. Louis Arch
we have learned that other people are not good at taking pictures. oh well, it's the only option sometimes.

   2010: Getting Macy and in close second, our christmas tree that year. Macy, our psychotic and lovable puppy was my birthday present that year. WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE WERE THINKING. but we sure do love her and her eating-everything-in-sight-and-within-reach ways. its a labor of love, that one.
little macy! she has since grown... wishing i had a shrink ray gun most days.
and our tree.... was such a beautiful tree. We alternate years on colored lights and white lights on the tree. That was our first colored year (Nate's first pick), and the 12 foot ceiling was a bonus.

Christmas 2010
   2011: I said purchasing our first house, then Nate said our vacation to Disney World. I would have to agree, they're on the same level for me. An awesome trip (Disney, we will be back), and an awesome first house. Lovelovelove our house, sans having to do my own yardwork and paying for things when the break!

with traveling buddies Jory and Kitty and their then-only-child, Malachi, at Animal Kingdom.

our house on inspection day!

   2012: again, there are two. The marriage conference we attended with our church in early March was a serious learning time for us, and has only brought good things. Close second, walking all the way to the top of Bunker Hill Monument.... all 300 steps of it. and our jello legs on the way down. Good memories.
bunker hill, a good time to be had for all.

 thinking i'll make something about all our favorite memories... maybe a book or one of those deck of card things (you know, your 52 favorite things written each on one card?). here's hoping for 48 more years and then some!