Sunday, August 28, 2011

Andrea, meet Sharon Osbourne

This past week, I was looking at my hair and decided I need to re-color my hair. It was getting washed out and streaked from the sun. I already had a box of color waiting for me in the cupboard, so I set to work. The color was different from my "normal" hair color, but it was still in the same color family. I just thought a slight change would be nice. Well, I got change! The new color was supposed to be a nice deep red with brown undertones. The color on the box was beautiful. I followed the instructions to the T.

I rinsed the color out and looked at my wet hair, and got nervous. My hair was bright red, even wet! I quickly towel dried my hair, and showed my hubby. He was so sweet about it. He looks at it and said "It's a fun change." I looked back in the mirror and wasn't convinced.  A little while later he looks at me again and said, "It looks like Sharon Osbourne's hair." That was when I realized I needed help. So I texted a pic to Laura.  This is her reply. "Very Red! :) What are you going to do? and Kendra (her co-worker) says anything with alcohol will make it fade faster." Being silly I texted back "So I have to get drunk! :)" Ha ha was her reply.

I then decided to call a friend that is a hair dresser for advice. She reassured me that it can be fixed and told me just what to do.  I went to Target first, to show Laura my hair and to get a new box of hair color. Target does not sell semi-permanent hair color, which I was told to get.  I wasn't bummed yet. Sally Beauty Supply is a few doors down.   Walking in, I was quickly greeted from one of the staff. I flat out told her I needed help! She was so nice, and showed me where their hair color was and picked out the perfect shade of Ash Brown.

Later that night, after the kiddo was in bed, I set to work again on my hair.  My friend, told me that the green hue in ash will tame the red in my hair. The whole time the color was setting, I was nervous that I just turned my hair green instead. Wouldn't that be awful! Twenty minutes later I rinsed my hair yet again and looked in the mirror. It was a nice tamed red. Definitely a dyed looking... non natural...kind of hair color, but nice.

I am still getting used to my new color, but I have actually gotten compliments on it. So we'll see, maybe this color will stick around for a while :)


  1. Your post made me laugh and reminded me of a time when I wanted a different color and it turned out gray. Needless to say I ran to town, got a new color and changed it right away. I quickly found out that ash tones didn't work with the color of hair I had. I will NEVER make that mistake again.

  2. When you said you'd colored your hair I was not picturing something that bright! lol, sharon osbourne...
    the color you ended up with is really pretty. But I still think you should try for a coppery red. ;)

  3. Thanks, the after pic is kinda dark. The red has tamed since last week. I actually like the color now! :)