Sunday, October 10, 2010

In The Beginning...

Our first attempt at baking together turned into an almost disaster... but first we'll explain how we got there.

Go back 10 years.
High School.
Enough said.

Both got married.
Hubbies are friends.
We vacation together.

and now we have a blog.

Present day: We (Andrea and Laura) decided that it was bread-making day. We each have recently acquired bread machines, an abundance of bread flour, and occupied husbands. Laura has used her machine before, so there were no surprises. Andrea, a former prep cook (where all the bread was made by hand), was giving bread machine-ing a go.

We added the ingredients, pushed start on the machines (after a few glances at the manual) and went upstairs to watch a movie. We didn't really notice that Andrea's new machine was rocking and rolling all over the counter.

Fifteen minutes later, we hear and bang and a very loud THUD. Laura panics and thinks the worst of her machine. Husband number 1 runs downstairs to investigate. We then hear "Girls?!" Jumping up and running downstairs, we find...
Dough On The Floor.
Next to the bread machine... also on the floor.
and a bewildered group.

Andrea and hubby laugh. A lot.  Laura is appalled. Andrea scoops the doughy-lump up and throws it back into the machine. We find a new plug (on the floor) and the machine picks up where it left off. We eyed it warily for a minute, making sure all was in place.

No more incidents with it since, but it has also not made it out of the cupboard, either.

And so begins the adventures of two fun-loving, craft-seeking, home-making friends.
Well, neither of us was smart enough to take a picture of the real bread... this is all i've got.

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