Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Money, Anyone?

Today my husband, Nate, informed me that he's going to try to win $4,000.

For freeeeeEEE? (ever seen the movie Bedtime Stories?)

I'd be fine with that.

So while he's at a deacon's meeting, I am home with the delinquent doggie... trying to keep her from stealing more socks. This guy is my new best friend -
If you have ever met Macy, you know why i keep the spray bottle close. She's like a child and likes to test me. What mom, you said don't eat your socks?? Okay, I think i'll take just one pair. So far this bottle is the only thing that stops her from chewing things to pieces.

Macy, hoping for some pumpkin seeds to fall her way.

Oh, and there are some pumpkins in the oven. Soon to be turned into pumpkin bread.

That's all. Off to make a sandwich... a quilt sandwich, that is.


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  1. Hey Laura! How fun that you're coming to Nashville. :) I love Textile Fabrics on Franklin pike ( http://www.textilefabricstore.com/public_html/ ) It is a little expensive, but they carry all of Amy Butler's and Anna Maria Horner's collections- plus lots and lots of trims. They have a ton of apparel fabric too.

    other than that, I haven't been to many others that I like. Honestly I miss Fields in Grand Rapids. :)

    So what will you be doing in Nashville?