Sunday, September 11, 2011

the curtain dilemma.

in case you don't follow me on pinterest, i have been having the hardest time finding the PERFECT curtains for the living room. i should probably give up and find the ones close to perfect, but i haven't even found that.

forget about the fact [just for a minute] that my husband hates yellow with his whole being, and pretend i was allowed to put it in the living room... then i would pick these:
though i know its a table  cloth (round one pictured), the oblong one is the PERFECT size for our massive window. two of them is cheaper than anything, AND i wouldn't even have to sew them.

i tell you, what is better than that?

maybe yellow will grow on him.

i would show you the window, but i can't get it to load. another day i'll give you the grand tour.

some other options, though none of them make my heart go pitter patter:

it also needs more color than these options provide.

i'll find them, cause they are out there waiting to be found.

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